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FTO Congo - Women Producers

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FTO Women Producers

The Cup: Obvious chocolate flavor with tart acidity and appreciable sugary sweetness.
Farm Women SOPACDI
Process Fully Washed
Variety Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai
Elevation 1600-1800 MASL
Region Kivu
Country DR Congo
Harvest March - July


Women Producer Program at SOPACDI:

These specific offerings come from a group of 51 pygmy women who live and farm in the villages of Mishebere and Ruhunde in the Kahele territory. Historically, Pygmy people have faced terrible discrimination and disenfranchisement, including being forced into slavery and/or low-paying work. SOPACDI has started this project to source and keep separate coffee from this group of growers in order to provide them a better income from specialty coffee as well as more financial independence and autonomy. The producers each own an average of 0.5 hectares and deliver coffee in cherry form to the washing station. There is a price premium paid directly to these women farmers to use as they see fit.

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