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The Orchard

Firefly Valley Farms is a small fruit orchard nestled at the bottom of Husson Hollow along the banks of the Little Niangua River in Roach, Missouri.

In March 2016, Phase One planting began, 200 semi-dwarf apple and cherry trees. Phase Two followed in April of 2017 with the addition of another 278 assorted fruit trees, consisting mostly of peaches, plums, nectarines, apricots, and pears.

Phase Three, April 2020, added a 1500 plant strawberry patch.

Here on the farm, we like to know exactly what goes into our food.  We strive to use only organic pest management practices to protect our land, our rivers, our bees, and our bodies.


We planted a wide variety of dwarf, semi-dwarf, and standard fruit trees sourced from a 200+ year old nursery in Missouri.

Our Varieties:

Kinder Krisp, Candy Crisp, and Pristine apples.

Montmorency and North Star cherries.

Bubblegum, Stanley, and Bluebird plums.

Bartlett, Comice, and Starkling pears.

Elberta & Intrepid peaches.

Flaming Fury and Sunglow nectarines.

Sweetheart and Goldcot apricots.

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