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Pre bud break

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

So, its early march in Missouri. (zone 6a) We have fertilized the orchard and done our extensive trimming. Now comes the fun part, waiting for the swollen buds to break open with flowers or leaves. The peaches are first followed closely by the cherries. This is the most exciting time in the orchard business because we have endured cold temps and a bleak and colorless landscape for nigh on six months. The emotional reward is hard to describe. Walking through the orchard and seeing all the peach trees waking up is exhilarating. Watching their progress on a daily basis is very fulfilling. Couple that with OUR bees doing what they do best, pollenate! Now we get to watch our labor come to fruition get fruition, ok sorry. I'm taking this whole stay-at-home thing and taking full advantage. We were able to, at the last minute have a neem and copper-sulfate treatment. Mostly for their anti-fungal properties. Well, I'll keep in touch and keep farming. Thanks for reading.

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