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Weights and measures

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

Hello again,

It occurred to me that some people may not have had 20 years coffee experience and may not know the proper grind or the proper amount of coffee to use when brewing. I believe that coffee is like wine in a way; some like it thin and some like it chewable. Most of us like to find our coffee somewhere in between. While this blog will not be a serve all definitive procedure to make all coffees on all makers, my hope is this will give you a starting place.


Course ground: For use in French press coffee makers and cold brew coffee makers.

Auto drip: For use in most regular (home) coffee makers.

Fine: For use in some coffee makers and for filling reusable K-cups or if you just like your coffee REALLY strong! Update: Using fine ground coffee in some K-cup reusable filters might have a negative affect. (overflow, grounds in coffee etc...) I have changed the grind recommendation for K-cup refill to auto-drip for a more consistent coffee.


(Ok, this is a little tougher but here goes)

Auto drip: 60oz carafe(typical) gets 1.5oz of auto drip coffee grounds. {Formula .025 x number of oz. of water = oz. of coffee}

Example: your coffee maker has a 40oz carafe 40x.025=1oz of coffee, cool huh??

Chemex 40oz =1oz-1.5oz* of auto drip coffee.

*1oz is pretty light and 1.5oz unleashes latent super powers, the choice is yours. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility.

Course ground: French press: Now, before we go on, I have a confession to make,*sigh*, I hate the metric system, ok, I said it. It's not that I don't understand it, quite the contrary, but I was raised with imperial measurements. I know what an oz. is, I know what a pound is. I've been weighing* coffee for about 15 years now, and while I'm not as good as my wife, I'm pretty good at eyeballing. *we weight all of our coffee using a professional food scale.

20oz French press gets 12-13 grams

40oz French press gets 24-25 grams

I had to use the metric system that time because the weights are too small, but remember, 28 grams = oz.

Fine ground:

Fine grind is mostly used in the filling of reusable K-cups. I only have a little experience with K-cups, but it is recent because I bought one for this blog and for those of you who want to use my coffee in K-cups.

K-cup 8oz cup = 9 grams

K-cup 10oz cup =10 grams

K-cup 12oz cup =12 grams

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